Singing Bones is a podcast that looks at the origin of fairy tales, the bare bones of stories that have been the basis for so much of literature, film, and pop culture.

Listen to our episodes to hear the story behind your favourite tales (you might not know them as well as you think), to look at corresponding tales in other cultures, and examine the place they have in our modern lives.

Click on our "fairytales" page to read the stories mentioned in our podcast in full, both the classics and ones you may not have heard before. 

Clare Testoni is a writer and performer with a passionate love of folk tales, both beloved and obscure, who hails from sunny Australia. She performs regularly as a storyteller and shadow puppeteer, for more information on Clare please visit www.claretestoni.com

The Singing Bones logo was designed by Edmund Iffland, an amazing illustrator and designer. To see more of his work head to edmundiffland.com.

Singing Bones is a part of the Dark Myths podcast collective, if you like our show we recommend a visit to darkmyths.org where you will find like-minded podcasts.

To get in contact please email singingbonespodcast@gmail.com

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